Be it female or male, no one likes a face filled with acne, pimples, sore or spots. You find out that ladies with rough faces are constantly looking for ways to conceal the face because some spots can make the face so hideous. I have tried a lot of remedies- black soaps, face creams, moisturizers e.t.c. at some point I gave up and focused only on using foundations and concealers to cover up, but trust me there are some pimples that will still stand out even after using so many products, it’s so frustrating. *sigh*.

I started searching the internet for solutions, the first article I read gave me a little insight on the things that could cause acne and how to treat it. The article also mentioned consistency in facial routine which I find very tiring but in the face of getting a clean and clear skin, I was determined to do it right!.

First I had to quit thinking  about the money I was going to spend to get the things I needed for my facial recovery. *Money go come*

Secondly I stopped listening to what everyone said about my face – it just weighs you down the more.

I followed the following routine religiously and I must share it with you, who knows I might be a solution provider to someone reading this.

  •  Every morning drink lots of water (three glass cups at least)…. This is very important to detoxify your body for the whole day.
  • wash your face with warm water…. This keeps the face pore opened.
  • pat dry with a face towel
  • Mix natural honey, lemon water and apple cider vinegar(with The Mother) or mashed raw potato with natural honey – Use cotton wool to apply on face.
  • Wait for 15 mins minimum.
  • Rinse thouroghly with Luke warm water or wash with a moisturizing soap.
  • Use coconut oil or any other natural oil on your face to get that natural baby look.

Do this regularly every day for two weeks and you would start getting better results.

And ultimately I changed my cosmetic products, I started using House of Tara’s powder and foundation.

I especially love the Dual mineral powder

I found out the Dual powder is fortified with sunscreen and Aloe Vera thus reducing the risk of any skin irritation, breakouts or other adverse effects. It was perfect for my face routine.

Please be careful so as not to buy fake of any cosmetic products you use- (I  don’t want  you to have boils on our face).

You can purchase Tara’s products from any beauty representative, House of Tara branch locations worldwide or online at

This post was sent in by Olowojoba Rebecca Olamide