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House of Tara and Jide of ST OLA unveiled their collaboration of fabulous Diamond Dust at The Beauty Souk (a niche fair for beauty enthusiasts) by Eventful on 9 July 2017. The event was held at Harbour Point. To read more, click below:

Source: House of Tara x Jide of ST OLA- Diamond Dust debut

by Thonia Ezennaya

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Want to feel desirable? Nothing screams desirability as much as a beautiful and bold lip colour. House of Tara International’s Funke matte lipstick is a richly pigmented, dark red shade that evokes memories of a great bottle of full-bodied red wine being softly lapped up by a pair of gorgeous lips. It is a sophisticated and sultry shade that is sure to speak volumes without you having to utter a single a word. This lipstick packs a punch and is sure to turn heads wherever you go if you wear it. To read more, click the below:

Source: House of Tara International’s ‘Funke’ lipstick

by Thonia Ezennaya

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Be it female or male, no one likes a face filled with acne, pimples, sore or spots. You find out that ladies with rough faces are constantly looking for ways to conceal the face because some spots can make the face so hideous. I have tried a lot of remedies- black soaps, face creams, moisturizers e.t.c. at some point I gave up and focused only on using foundations and concealers to cover up, but trust me there are some pimples that will still stand out even after using so many products, it’s so frustrating. *sigh*.

I started searching the internet for solutions, the first article I read gave me a little insight on the things that could cause acne and how to treat it. The article also mentioned consistency in facial routine which I find very tiring but in the face of getting a clean and clear skin, I was determined to do it right!.

First I had to quit thinking  about the money I was going to spend to get the things I needed for my facial recovery. *Money go come*

Secondly I stopped listening to what everyone said about my face – it just weighs you down the more.

I followed the following routine religiously and I must share it with you, who knows I might be a solution provider to someone reading this.

  •  Every morning drink lots of water (three glass cups at least)…. This is very important to detoxify your body for the whole day.
  • wash your face with warm water…. This keeps the face pore opened.
  • pat dry with a face towel
  • Mix natural honey, lemon water and apple cider vinegar(with The Mother) or mashed raw potato with natural honey – Use cotton wool to apply on face.
  • Wait for 15 mins minimum.
  • Rinse thouroghly with Luke warm water or wash with a moisturizing soap.
  • Use coconut oil or any other natural oil on your face to get that natural baby look.

Do this regularly every day for two weeks and you would start getting better results.

And ultimately I changed my cosmetic products, I started using House of Tara’s powder and foundation.

I especially love the Dual mineral powder

I found out the Dual powder is fortified with sunscreen and Aloe Vera thus reducing the risk of any skin irritation, breakouts or other adverse effects. It was perfect for my face routine.

Please be careful so as not to buy fake of any cosmetic products you use- (I  don’t want  you to have boils on our face).

You can purchase Tara’s products from any beauty representative, House of Tara branch locations worldwide or online at

This post was sent in by Olowojoba Rebecca Olamide

by Thonia Ezennaya

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Use coconut oil– Commonly known as Adi Agbon in rural Yoruba villages across Nigeria, Coconut Oil has the ability to do wonders for the skin and has health benefits when ingested or used as a replacement for most cooking oils. Traditionally, Coconut oil was used by the local kinsmen as a moisturizer and is known to

rehydrate the skin after every application. Winter is generally a season for dry skin; with cold air outside and overheated air inside, your skin needs constant hydration. House of Tara has created a Makeup Remover infused with the coconut essence that soothes the skin, opens pores and leaves your skin refreshed.

Add some sparkle with our Queen Amina of Zaria Eye-shadow Palette – Queen Amina was the Hausa Warrior Queen of Zazzau (now Zaria) in Kano state, Nigeria. Amina is remembered for her fierce military exploits and is generally credited with building the famous wall of Zaria. A fierce leader and legend, Queen Amina inspired our festive 12-piece eye-shadow palette with vibrant Christmas colors like silver, red, green, bronze, peach and gold.

Youthful Beauty – With over 500 dialects across 36 states in Nigeria, the phrase “youthful beauty” has several names in different dialects. Our trio-eyeshadows all share the same meaning- Uyayi is Ibibio, Omoge is Yoruba and Feroshawa is Kanuri for a young, pretty girl. Each product name and color pigment is carefully chosen to make women feel young and radiant.

Know your skin type – The best guide to complexion perfection is to understand your skin type. Use products that are made for your skin type- whether it is dry, oily or combination- you need to know what works best for you! It is also important to use products according to the seasons; what works in cold weather may not work during the summer. Our cream foundations give you that flawless, velvety glow during winter because of its water-based properties.

The magic of Ombre Lips – To add a bit of sophistication and color to your holiday-inspired little black dress (LBD), try creating an Ombre lip. Our House of Tara lipstick names were inspired by local markets known to carry a wide range of cosmetic products for women. Sabo (Red), Jankara (Lilac Purple) and Tejuosho (Dark Cranberry) are the go-to-lipsticks for creating the perfect Ombre. Pair one of these festive shades with our Osemote lip liner and you have the perfect holiday pout.

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by Thonia Ezennaya

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Hi guys,

Today I’m going to quickly share with you how to achieve the Natural/ Nude makeup look in 10 steps.

Nude makeup is great for those who love to showcase their Natural beauty without using too much makeup products.

Let’s get right into it!

  1. First, cleanse your skin before you begin and moisturise with a moisturiser designed for your skin type.
  2. Next step is to apply foundation. (I’m a big fan of applying foundation on the skin first, rather than starting with the eyebrows. I mean, you must lay the foundation before building your house, right?). Less is more, make sure your foundation as little as possible, this would help you achieve the “I woke up like this” flawless look. However, if you have dark circles or spots on your face, use a concealer to cover dark circles and spots, before applying foundation, this would help you use less foundation.
  3. Applying powder is the next step, do this by dabbing the powder on to the skin with a powder brush, for smooth finish.
  4. Now eyebrows, make sure your eyebrow hair is already properly groomed, cos the eyebrows frame the girl’s face! Since your makeup is natural, your brows must be on fleek. Use a pencil to outline your brows at the bottom and at the top, then fill in gently with light strokes, concentrate more on the areas where your eyebrow hair is sparsely grown (you don’t wanna be looking all Nigerian with them brows baby girl…. Soft and natural is the way!)
  5. Next is eyeshadow, this is where you cheat *grinning* Omo no time to waste!!!, just dab on some of your powder on your eyelid as your eyeshadow colour. You can even decide to use an eyeshadow primer before applying the powder, to make it pop a bit, then use a dark brown eyeshadow colour, or a powder that’s two shades darker than your skin tone to contour the outer corner of the eye.
  6. Don’t forget to line your eyes, (this is the window to the soul) do this on top and beneath. Apply mascara, to enhance your eyelashes (Fibre fuse by House of Tara does the magic for me, cos I always look like I have false lashes on when I wear this mascara)
  7. Apply blush to the apple of your cheeks and sweep it in towards the top part of your ear, this would make you look younger, since we are going for a fresh natural look, I would suggest blushes in orange or coral tones for light skin and earth toned blushes for dark skin.
  8. Apply bronzer to your cheek bones, you can make this simple or dramatic (if you want to pepper them *tongue out*) Do this using a fan brush. Use the tip of your smallest finger to apply bronzer at the tip of your nose if u want the pointed nose effect, but remember we are trying to keep the look as simple and fresh as possible.
  9. Next, the LIPS! If you have small lips you can apply lip gloss and get on with your day’s business, but if you have full lips, you would want to line you lips first with a soft brown lip liner, then apply a nude colour lipstick that suits your skin type. (you can test to know if a nude colour would suit you, by first applying the nude lipstick without makeup on, if it looks good on you, then that colour is your perfect nude lip colour.) The lipstick texture could be matte or moisturising. Please note that this lip makeup process is not exclusive to people with full lips, even those with small lips can rock it too.
  10. Setting spray!!!! Set your makeup with setting spray. This does not only make your makeup stay, this makes you makeup sit into your face like you have nothing on.

SLAY!!! You can Create Your Own Style!  The most amazing thing about makeup is that you can experiment all the time. Although the above-mentioned steps generally applys to the nude look, you can break them to create your own personal style statement.

I’ll love to know your thoughts about this nude makeup look. Have you tried it? Share your experience with us when you do. You can post pictures of your experience on Instagram, and don’t forget to tag @houseoftara_intl.


Written by: Priscilla Ezinwa John Louis

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by Thonia Ezennaya

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I fell in love with my favourite House of Tara product on my best friend’s lips. We met up to see a movie on that day and when she walked in, I couldn’t help but notice the colour on her lips. I immediately asked her what she was wearing and she said she had combined Tara Kasuwa pencil with Mac flat out fabulous. When I heard the name Kasuwa, I laughed so hard and asked “please what kind of name is that?” I however couldn’t deny that the ombré effect that was achieved from that combo could only be described as HOT.

The pencil on its own creates a bold and sultry look and I noticed at the end of the day, even with everything I had eaten that day, my lips were still intact.
One of the things I love about the pencil is the fact that on its own, it creates a unique finish and it can also be paired with a lot of colours to create the perfect ombré effect.
If you’re going for a bold and sassy look, then by all means, wear as it is. On the other hand, if you’re going for something light with an edge, then Kasuwa is your go to. All you have to do is pair it with a nude lippie or pencil of choice.
To get an idea of my experience with Kasuwa you can always order online at
Article by Chinweuju Nzewi.


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